sahil peerzada

Sahil Peerzada stepping ahead with new ventures

In the previous blog post I talked about Sahil Peerzada, whose interview was indeed inspiring and had set lasting impression on me. His keen desire to work on new ideas and the vigour to take risks is exceptional. This showcases the dynamism which many young entrepreneurs are well equipped with. While learning about Sahil Peerzada’s lifestyle, I found that he is a man with dedicated business acumen and across-the-board expertise of increasing network while leading strategic marketing activities, which inspire him to expand his business internationally.

Further taking forward his belief in “The power of an idea”, Sahil Peerzada is expanding at a fast pace with Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd having several new projects and tie ups in line. The recent announcement of the revamping of Expandable Infra Pvt limited, along with the logo renewal grabbed my attention and generated a curiosity in me to...

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